The Ten Commandments and the Lady in the Harbor

This Sunday at our St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno Nevada, we will celebrate the Eucharist. Many do not understand the tradition behind it, which reaches back, not 2,000 years, but at least 3300 years. We also do not realize how it connect with our Catholic/Christian understanding with Justice. The Hebrew word for Justice is Tzaddic. The Hebrew word for Charity is Tzaddic. Read a rabbi one time who pointed out, if you read Deuteronomy 5:1-6 it reads:

Take away the right side or the left side if you can. So it is with Torah and Gospel

Moses called all those who quarrel with God, and told them: Hear, you who quarrel with God, the customs and the correct judicial precedents which I speak in your ears, this day, that may learn them, and guard to do them.

The Personal Name our Mighty Judge made a Social Contract with us at Horeb/Mt. Sword, not with our fathers did he make this Social Contract, but with us, each of us, standing here, this day, alive.

(Remember) I am the Personal Name your Mighty Judge, who brought you! out of the land of out oppression, out of the house of menial labor. You will have no other Mighty Judges before My face.

At our St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno Nevada I once talke with a priest and this concept of Horeb and Sword was brought up. It appears that Horeb is the Hebrew word for a sword. As an exercise, please pick up a sword, OK, must people don’t have swords laying around, how about a kitchen knife, or even a butter knife. Hold the knife with the sharp blade pointing toward you. See how sharp it is. Now, if you are a conservative, imagine taking away the left hand side of the knife. If you are a liberal, imagine taking away the right hand side. It is impossible to even imagine. So it is with Torah and Gospel. Mt. Sword needs both sides of the knife to be a knife. Horeb/Torah/Gospel, is an organic whole. Catechism 2069


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