The young girl and the lions

Some bad men who wanted to rape a young girl and have their way with her kidnapped her. During that first night, she escaped and ran out into the Savanna. Seeing a raised hill with some trees, she ran and hid under a tree. In the morning, she woke up to find that she was in the middle of a pride of lions.

She saw her captors coming, yelling at the top of their lungs, and waving sticks and clubs. The male lion of the pride came over and stepped between the girl and her captors.

The lion started preening his fingernails and yelled out in lion, “I don’t know what your problem is, but if you came looking for trouble, you found it.”

The girl’s captors fled.

Several days later, the game warden came by. The male lion again stepped in between the girl and the game warden.

This time, he roared in lion, “Hey, you got one of yours over here. I am tired of her crying. Get her out of here.”

This the game warden did.

Salvador commented, “You say it is impossible for humans to translate lion. To some degree, you are right. This is probably what really happened. The girl woke up in the morning to find a pride a lions. The lions viewed the girl as food. She was the calf being fatted for Easter. If you watch those safari shows, you will often see zebras and gazelles feeding in full sight of a pride of lions. The lions have just eaten one of them.

They are full and are therefore not a threat. On the other hand, if you watch those same shows, they will tell you that lions are very competitive animals. They like a good fight. If you threaten them, they will fight and kill you just for the sport of it. Then again, if the aggressor backs down and runs away, the lion has won and that is enough for him.

Salvador observed about aggression, “That is why the lions did not eat the girl’s captors also. Being aggressive can get you just as dead as waiting for the lions to get hungry, and a lot sooner.”

Salvador gave the positive example, “The game warden came. He was neither the pushover waiting for the lions to eat him, nor the aggressor picking a fight. He was assertive, but respected the lions and their space. For the game warden, the lions stepped aside and allowed the game warden to rescue the girl.”


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