The German Shepherds and the German Shepherds

The Sergeant-of-the-Guard ordered, “Get the dogs busy, and move this man to the gallows.”

Border collie herding Suffok Sheep

The soldiers from the School of the America commanded their ten gnarling German shepherd dogs to herd Salvador and two Moslems, naked, a block east on “L Street, and then for an hour down Capitol Pkwy. They herded them for another half an hour north and east toward Folsom California. As they marched through the streets of Sacramento, they found of a man of color, Liston Skull. He was the father of Mensch Mann and Muddy Creek and the soldier made him carry a large iron cross beam.

Marching to the gallows

As they crossed the American River, Salvador sang “Bridge over Troubled Water” by Paul Simon. Leaving Auburn Avenue, they turned right and onto West Van Dorn Street. They marched on while the sun moved another six inches through the sky. They turned right and marched the length and breadth of the prison compound, which they saw, on their left.

On the right hand side of the road was a blond haired and blue-eyed rancher leading his Suffolk sheep with the help of his border collies.

One of Salvador’s guards laughed, “A German shepherd takes his sheep to slaughter on the right hand side of the road with the help of border collies.”

The soldier looked at his charges, “Here we are, called from the border, taking prisoners to slaughter with the help of German Shepherds. Look, with his un-tanned skin beard and mustache and heavily tanned face, the religious one looks like one of those Suffolk sheep.”

The Shepherd turned right and led the condemned men into the white building.

The sign read, “George’s White House of Meat and Mutton.”

Salvador and his party turned left to the gallows, which were in the State Prison. They arrived at Skullim hill. In addition, Liston Skull laid his crossbeam at the place where the gallows were almost finished. When finished, the gallows looked like an upside down “L.”

A guard told his Sergeant-of-the-Guard, “It is 8:45 for the record sir.”

They put the iron cross beam into place. At 9:00 in the morning, the Bishop and two guards lead Salvador to the gallows. They fit Salvador with a noose and raised his neck until he stood on his toes. They nailed the balls of his feet to the board he stood on. His hands were unbound, and he grabbed the rope to raise himself to breath. At the same time, he pulled his feet from the boards.

The guard noted, “This is a message to all criminals of what will happen to them. Death is not meant to be immediate.”

Bee Terry argued, “This is cruel.”

The guard argued, “The Supreme Court of the United States, under the guidance of conservative judges, has ruled that it is cruel but not unusual, at least in central and southern states.”

Colonel Mann had a sign placed over Salvador, “This is Salvador, the Leader of the Upright of America.”

They hung two Moslems with Salvador. One of the guards played his CD player as he looked at his watch.

He told a fellow guard, “It is 9:30”

Salvador noticed a large billboard nearby. It was a picture of the twin towers and the words, “We’ll remember, forever.”

The crowd shouted at Salvador, “You can tear down a 400-foot tall skyscraper and rebuild it in three days. If you are the Ben Adam, prove it! Untie yourself from the rope! Come down from the gallows. Pull yourself up! Untie yourself from the rope! Come down from the gallows.”

They further argued, “You chose to be here, didn’t you? You chose to be a homeless wonderer. You chose the calling of troublemaker. God set you in the beautiful land of California and into the lovely land of Placer County. You chose a bad road, now it is time to pay the price.”


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