Greetings from Antioch Illinois

Against the tapestry of twilight, a Red-Shouldered Hawk flew over the city of Antioch Illinois. Down below, the walls of St. Mary’s church blended into sky as it faded from navy blue, to black. From the stained glass windows, the images of St. Peter, St. Paul the Blessed Virgin, St. Francis and St. Augustine streamed out into the world. In vibrant colors of flaming red, and yellow, they pointed upward, to the cross on the steeple, and to the succulent message of Jesus Christ. From inside, women sang, “Fly Like An Eagle,” by the Steve Miller Band.

Red Sky at night is a sailor's delight

We stepped through the doors of heavy oak and polished brass, and entered St. Mary’s to see, not just the vibrant statues of the saints on the altar, but more, that Staint Mary’s parish was vibrant and full of people. The room shook with the foot stomping in addition to the hand clapping of happy people, who sang of their salvation. The lights danced off the five stained glass windows on either side of the room.
The wooden floor creaked as we stomped our feet and sang “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum. The first reader read from Isaiah 52:7-10. As he finished a lady followed first reader up to the podium and chanted Psalm 98:1-6. Another lady, read from Hebrews 1:1-6.
Father read from Luke 2:15-20, and began his homily, ” Salvador is in every way so much like Jesus Christ. Jesus was born of a Virgin and Salvador was born in Virginia City. Each was placed into a feeding trough which was in the land of Thanksgiving/ Eucharist.”

Father continued, “They both suffered under the rich establishment types, both dying by hanging on a tree, and they both call us back home to be with his father in the sky. They also both rose on the third day, as the martyrs tell us.”
The minister added, “Something is more important. They call us to Teshuvah, a complete revolution of the mind, back to the way of thinking of the Father. This was also the teaching of Curtis E. John and John the Baptist.”
The minister continued, “For those of us who want to learn about Salvador, there is the Authorized Version of Lee Stone as related to Curtis E. Ish. This is just as we have the writings of St. Peter as related to St. Mark. Will Kommen told me this morning that he is working on his Memoirs just as we have the writings of St. Matthew to learn about Jesus.”
The minister talked to the leaders of the parish, “You leaders in the parish learn the lessons of Deacon Remy Niece and Zechariah. Learn that to be an effective leader; you must believe in the mission that the Personal Name sent you to lead. With this, Let me read to you the letter I, Brother Tom Quelle, wrote to the local communities of the Great Lakes.”


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