Salvador in Reno Nevada and Sacramento California

After eight days, it was time for the Salvador’s baptism. Bee and Joseph sauntered into St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral in Reno Nevada, a red brick building with Gothic spires. Upon arriving, they presented the paperwork showing they attended baptism classes at St. Francis of Assisi in Incline Village.

Preparing to enter the Cathedral for Salvador's baptism

The time came for Bee to present herself in the Cathedral in Reno, Nevada. This is in accord with the cannon law as stated in the Summa of St. Thomas Part 3, Question 37, Article 3. They took him up to Reno to present him to The Mighty Savior, just as it Moses wrote about him in the Good Book, the section referred to in the Washoe tradition as Shemoth, which the Crooked Knives or people from the Angled Land refer to as Exodus 13:2.

Shemoth 13:2 reads, “You will wash every male that opens the womb in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Whittling Breath. When you do this, you will offer a stipend to the priest for his services, according to your ability to pay. This is in accord with the dictate of our Mighty Savior.”

Before the altar near the batismal font

At the 9:30, Mass Joseph and Terry met the ranch hands they saw a few days before. These men told Father Franciso, “It is so fitting father. We are in St. Thomas Aquinas church. Before we found this child, we saw a divine messenger who told us, ‘Do not fear. I relate satisfying news of great delight for all people. Today in the city of the Beloved, the Master Shepherd, a liberator, a young woman gave birth to your Salvador.”

The ranch hands reported, “This messenger added, ‘He is like Ike in 1945 Germany was to the Jews. He is like Abraham Lincoln to the African Americans in the 1860’s and J. F. K. and Martin Luther King JR. were to the same people in the 1960’s. He is the George Washington of our People. He is the Anointed Leader of our people.”

The ranch hands added, “The messenger also related, “This will be your sign; you will find an infant wrapped in the tight wrap of Washoe children and lying in a feeding trough. Suddenly there was the multitude of the great procession of the sky.”

They also related, “The messengers sang beautiful words about the Mighty One, ‘The importance of Our Mighty Savior recognize in the highest places. Bring tranquility to earth and good will to all men. When the messengers went into the sky, we told one another, ‘Let us go to Reno to see this thing that just occurred.”

When Father Francisco asked them, Bee and Joseph responded, “We choose to name our child Salvador, the name the messenger gave us before I conceived in the womb.”

When mother and baby were strong enough, they took him to the Cathedral in Sacramento California. There was a man in Sacramento named Dr. Liston.[1] His father was the great teacher and founder of the New Beginnings Academy. His father’s name was Deacon Laud. Having a Doctorate in his own right and being in his 50’s, Dr. Liston was now Assistant Dean of this Academy. Dr. Liston was proud of his son, Allen Kerry-Air who studied in his footsteps.

When Joseph and Terry came to visit the cathedral, a charitable and wise man was there. Awe filled him. Dr. Liston was his name.

Joseph commented, “This man’s sense of charity and wisdom comes from having a relationship with the Mighty Savior.”

Dr. Liston awaited the comfort of the Upright, and the Whittling Breath was with him. The Whittling Breath related to him that he would not see death until he had seen the Anointed of The Mighty Savior.

Dr. Liston was praying one day, the prayer of 18 blessings, “Mighty Savior, set your compassion upon the charitable, the kind, the senators of your people, the family of the Upright, the remnant of your medicine men, the charitable converts, and upon us.”

Dr. Liston continued, “You are our Mighty Liberator and deliverer. Give a noble compensation to all who truly believe in your name. Let us be among them forever and we will not be humiliated. We trust in you. We will speak well of you in public spaces, Mighty Savior, fortification and assurance of the charitable.”

In preparation for meeting the child, Dr. Liston prayed, “Please return to your city, the Tranquil City of Sacramento with compassion. Please reside within it as you spoke to our elders in the past. Also, please rebuild it soon and in our own times as an eternal construction, and quickly set up the seat of your beloved inside. Happy are you, Builder of the City of Peace.”

Finally, Dr. Liston prayed, “Please cause the offspring of your beloved to flourish, and boost his esteem through your deliverance. We hope for your deliverance through every long days and moon. We speak well of you, our Mighty Savior, for you cause the esteem of your deliverance to flourish.”

As Dr. Liston finished his prayer that day, he heard a voice tell him, “Your prayer has been heard and will be fulfilled.”

The Whittling Spirit filled Dr. Liston as he entered the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

When Salvador’s parents brought him in to perform the washing, Liston took him into his arms and spoke beautiful words about Salvador to the Mighty Savior, and spoke, “Now, Divine Sovereign, please allow your servant to leave in serenity, according to your word. My eyes saw your deliverance in this Salvador, which you prepared in the sight of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Non-Christian peoples and the radiance of your importance to your Upright people.”

What the man related about him amazed the child’s father and mother. Dr. Liston spoke his noble word by eulogizing The Mighty Savior in front of them.

Dr. Liston informed Bee his mother, “Look, this child will cause the fall and the rise of many in the land of the Upright. He will be a sign to others that will oppose him. Horeb, the spirit of the mountain and the sword, will also pierce you. In this way, the Personal Name will reveal the thoughts of many hearts.”

There was also a proclaimer of the divine truth named Grace, the daughter of a Lakota Chief Penny Tense[2] from the tribe the Washoe call the Happiness.[3]She had seen many hot and many cold moons. She lived seven years with her husband after her marriage. She next lived seventy-seven years a widow.

She never left the cathedral, but served the Mighty Savior night and day with fasting and contemplative prayer. At that time, she just happened to come upon Joseph and Terry. She gave thanks to the Mighty Savior and spoke about the child to all who were awaiting the redemption of Sacramento.

When they fulfilled all the prescriptions of the cannon law, they returned to the rolling hills near Washoe County and to their own town of Truckee. The child grew up to become a strong hoksila, filled with wisdom and skill. The kindness of the Mighty Savior was upon him.

[1] The refers to the family dynasty of Rabbi Hillel, Rabbi Simeon, and Rabbi Gamaliel. Rabbi Hillel was the Jewish Saint Francis. It may be more proper to call Saint Francis the Catholic Rabbi Hillel. To this day Rabbi Hillel is considered to be the foremost scholar in Jewish interpretation. Rabbi Simeon would have been the head of his academy at the time of Jesus. St. Paul is said to have studied under Rabbi Gamaliel.

[2] In the Book of Enoch Phanuel  is an archangel in charge of repentance and the hope of eternal life.

Wikipedia, Phanuel.

[3] There is a Jewish tradition that lists Sarah the daughter of Asher, (the Hebrew word for happiness) as one of the seven wise sages of Israel. She is the only woman mentioned in the genealogies of the escape from Egypt. This may be why Luke mention her as a wise woman of Israel. Luke may be playing on this tradition and the history of John the Baptist.


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