I believe In, How the statement I Believe requires the preposition “In” in the Nicene Creed

I believe requires the preposition, “In.” We believe in someone because of what we see around us.
At the Easter Vigil, at St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, in Reno Nevada, we began with the candle light procession. As the Bishop processed into the Cathedral he walked into the darkened room about a dozen steps, stopped and said, “Christ is our light.” Parishioners in the pews took their smaller candles and lit them from the one large candle being processed in. When the Bishop reached the altar, the room was well lit both from the one large candle and the hundreds of smaller ones.
I believe in, Belief requires the preposition
This is a beautiful expression of what St. John is trying to tell us in John 14. In our darkness, we light our small candle from the light which is Christ. As a result, the light from the hundreds of small wicks all lead into the one Great light which is Christ. This is believing in. We lead ourselves into the one Great Light which is the Father. We believe in One God, the Trinity, with Jesus as the second person of that Trinity. In John 14, Jesus tells us, he is the first of the wicks to that greater flame which is The Father. He is part of the grander three lights, Father, Son and Spirit, part of the flame which dances around the grander flame which is The Father. If we believe in Jesus, our flames dance around the grander wick of Father Son and Holy Spirit, forming one grander light which enlightens the whole world.

Rufinus, an ancient scholar wrote: “We Believe, is placed in the forefront, as the Apostle Paul, writing to the Hebrews, says, He that comes to God must first of all believe that He is, and that He rewards those who believe in Him.

The Prophet also says, Unless you believe, you shall not understand. That the way to understand, therefore, may be open to you, you do rightly first of all, in professing that you believe; for no one embarks upon the sea, and trusts himself to the deep and liquid element, unless he first believes it possible that he will have a safe voyage. Neither does the husbandman commit his seed to the furrows and scatter his grain on the earth, but in the belief that the showers will come, together with the sun’s warmth, through whose fostering influence, aided by favoring winds, the earth will produce and multiply and ripen its fruits.”

First we believe; we form the central idea through which all else is interpreted. It is only after forming this image through belief, that God is in control, that we are able to navigate the Sea of Life. It is only after forming this image of God being in control, that farmers are able to plant the seed which brings nourishment to the world. We do not believe, “above,” “below,” “to the right,” or “left,” “in front of, “behind,” or “around.” We believe “in.”


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