Letters from Antioch pt 6 Preaching of Curtis

George Wolfgang Schrub ruled in Carson City Nevada. A good Catholic named Terry Branstad, was the governor of Iowa and Mike Hayden ruled in Kansas. The Speakers of the Nevada Assembly at the time were Harry Pizer and Donald Thompson. The word of The Mighty Savior came to Curtis E. John in the area around the Washoe River.

Preaching of Curtis near Folsom Lake

Curtis was the son of Remy Niece and he went throughout the whole region of Sacramento County, proclaiming a great washing of Teshuvah/Repentance for the removal of their moral errors.

On one occasion, Curtis E. John saw a string quartet and a brass band playing together under a gazebo.

Curtis reported, “Justice is like that. All the pieces are of different quality. They play instruments of differing qualities of timber and pitch. When they all play the same song, when they listen to each other, when they look to the great conductor, they create harmony and it is the most beautiful thing to hear on the planet.”[1]

Curtis told us, “It says in the book of Great Study, the Midrash of Genesis,[2] where it quotes Psalm 36:7, ‘To the Liberal Man who accepts the Torah revealed on the mountains of the Mighty One you show liberality. This liberality reaches unto the mountains of the Mighty One…”


The Midrash continued, “This continues with Ezekiel 36:14, ‘I will feed them in good pasture, and the high mountains of the Upright of God will be their fold.’ If God calls us to be Christian, Christ like, God like, he calls us to feed the flock of God in good pasture, and he calls us to bring the flock of the Upright of God upon the high mountains of the upright of God. As leaders of God’s flock, that is where he wants us to bring them so that he can find them.”

The Midrash also related, “Look what it says in the Book of Great Study for Leviticus, ‘The Mountains produce herbs and the liberal man possesses beautiful deeds. Your liberality is like the mighty mountains. As the mountains are suitable for sowing and yield fruit, so the charitable men yield fruit and do beautiful deeds to themselves, and to others.”[3]


It was a bright and beautiful fall day as Curtis E. John and Lee Stone hiked to a usually isolated part of the Folsom Lake. Here they found that a large crowd of people gathered. The people came expecting some kind of communal baptism and religious service in the fundamentalist religious style.

Curtis E John began his service:

Learn this, you who are the wise ones in your own eyes. The banks of the American River are not some place seven thousand miles away. They are wherever you are willing to look and listen. The son is in the flesh when you take time to see and hear what you read in the Gospels.


The Spirit does not whittle with the broad strong strokes of violence. She whittles with the gentle, sharp strokes of a far smaller knife. She whittles, not with the goal of forcing you to follow her will, but with the goal that you will want to enter her house.”

[1] The City of God, St. Augustine, Book Two, Chapter 21, http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/120102.htm

[2] Midrash Rabbah, Genesis, Chapter 33, Noach, p257, Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman, B.A., PhD. The Soncino Press, New York

[3] [3] Midrash Rabbah, Leviticus, Chapter 27, Emor, p340, Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman, B.A., PH.d. The Soncino Press, New York



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