The Nicene Creed, I believe in God, but what do we mean when we say God?

The Word Net Dictionary definition of God is “Any supernatural worshiped as controlling some part of the world or aspect of life.” Webster’s 1913 Dictionary tells us that “God” means the one who we call upon, invoke, or implore. A Jewish linguist named Jastrow tells us it comes from the same root as the word meaning, “This,” or “That.” He is the one we point to when we talk about our rescue, from whatever we are rescued from.
God is the great provider
Jewish tradition speaks of Thirteen Attributes of God in Exodus 34: 5-7 “The Personal Name descended in a cloud shouting:
(1) Personal Name,
(2) Personal Name,
(3) (Mighty Judge, source of all energy/ life giving force),
(4) Racham (Mercy from the Hebrew word for womb, God cares for us and returns us to life)
(5) Chen, (related to the word for cloud, Ynan, God brings the refreshing rain enabling us to live while we credit ourselves)
(6) Erik apayim (long suffering he is like my Dad, very patient, giving us time to learn and grow, as we make our mistakes.
(7) Rav Chesid (great in kindness, complete devotion, one to another)
(8) Abundant truth, (Faith and Truth come from the same Hebrew word. In finding faith, we find ourselves in the web of life, the Cosmos.)
(9) Nazareth Chesid to Elephim, (The love God gives us is meant to be spread to all who live on this little planet we call home.)
(10) Nosey Avan, (Lifting up crookedness,
(11) Rebellion, and
(12) And simple deviance,
(13) And cleanses.”
An important word in understanding what we mean by “God” is the Greek word for a house, “Econos” from which we get our word “Economy.” The head of the house, the economy is the husband. The Husband is the great provider. Hosea has something to say about this in chapter 2: 18-22:
It will be at that day, The Personal Name says, that you will call Me Ishi, and will call Me no more Baali. I will take away the names of the Baalim out of her mouth. You will no more mention them by name. I will betroth you to Me forever. I will betroth you to Me in charity /justice, in correct judicial precedent, in kindness, and in mercy/womb. I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness; and you will know the Personal Name.
It is important to notice the pun in this passage. “You will call me “Ishi,” “My Man” and no longer “My Baali” “My Husband.” Wikipedia refers to Baal and Asherah as the gods of fertility.
They were the gods that provided the rain, the sunshine and the soil that provided for the food for each coming year. They were the great provider. Hosea and Jeremiah tell us that one of the meanings of “god” little g is that he is the one we attribute to being the great provider of our house, our economy. When we say, “I believe in One God,” we are saying the One True God is the great provider and decider of what is in our economic interest, and nothing else.
This rules out any belief in anything resembling a market force, any collective Id that we should listen to instead of the One True God who dictates mercy and compassion upon the less fortunate, as individuals and as a community. Some argue that this speaking of the market this way is just a way of speaking. Science shows that we become to believe what we hear. This way of speaking leads to idolatry. When we serve other gods, The One True God leaves us to our own devices and we destroy ourselves. This is why our nation has gone into stagnation over the past thirty years.
How much better is Credo, I believe in The One True God, Father, Provider?

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