Letters from Antioch, Curtis and the Sweet Message

The crowds asked Curtis, “What does it mean to be noble, charitable, and just?”

Teaching the Sweet Message at North Shore

Curtis replied:

In spite of what some say, no man really owns anything. In the Holy languages they cannot even properly say, “This is mine” or “This is his.” They literally say, “This is to me” or “This is to him.” To say this is to ask the question, “By whom and for what purpose?” The Mighty Savior owns everything.

If you cannot, or will not, fulfill the purpose, The Mighty Savior, like parent and like employer, will take what you have and give it to others. Is this not what your parents did when you outgrew clothing and toys. Do not parents and employers do this when their charges do not responsibly use property? They take them and give them to others.”

Do employers give you offices and computers to use? If you do not use them in the appropriate ways, that is reason for your boss to take these things, and your job. Therefore, it is with the Mighty Savior and his property. It greatly hurts The Almighty to see his property damaged by such things as global warming. The pollution big business claims as a right in the name of self-interest and greed also hurts him. His children are the most important thing for the Almighty.

That includes Native American, White, Indian, African-American, and Hispanic, uneducated and poor. When the powerful elite hurt these people in the name of corporate profits, it greatly hurts the Almighty.

The excuses that you use to justify this only make Pop angry. Pop calls us to community and caring. That is why we say, “mitakaye ayasin, all are my relatives” whenever we leave one another.

Everything is Beautiful” from Ray Stevens played in the background as Curtis E. John continued, “Whoever has more clothes than he needs or uses should share with the person who does not have enough. Whoever has food should do the same.”

I.R.S. agents and administrators came asked, “Curtis, please wash us.”

They asked, “Professor, what should justice mean for us?”

Curtis answered, “Do honest investigations, and make sure waiters, waitresses, and others who sit before you pay no more than they actually owe.”

Police officers also asked him, “What is justice for us?”

Curtis informed them, “Do not practice extortion, investigate thoroughly, do not accuse anyone falsely, and be satisfied with your wages.”

Judges from Sacramento came, “What is justice for us?”

Curtis answered, “Justice is creating a community where the Mighty Savior would want to live. Justice is creating a community of people trying to live together as brother and sister in the Whittling Breath and the great Pop in the sky.”

Of judges, Curtis commented, “The most a judge can do is to follow this simple formula, ‘When people come to court, you are to assume that both sides are guilty. When they leave, you are to assume that both sides are innocent.”


Interpreting this he told us, “When people come to court, one side, if not both are wrong as to what is really the case. Turn over every rock trying to find out what the truth is. When they leave court, the contestants should be so sure that your decision is the only fair one that you can reach, they leave reconciled.”[1]

The people were excited and asked each other, “Is this Curtis the Anointed One?”

Curtis E. John answered them, “As the proclaimer of the divine truth says, I will take away your hearts of precious stones and give you a heart of flesh, one that sees the humanity in others. The Anointed One will cause you to take off the old self and put on the new.”[2]

Curtis told us, “The one who is coming after me is far stronger than I. Like me, he only wears sandals. I am not worthy even to hold his shoes in my hands. He will wash you with the Whittling Breath and with the fire of humane adulthood.[3]

Curtis gave us the example of the butcher, “He comes like the butcher clerk at the supermarket. His butcher knife is in his hand to clean his table of raw meat. The beautiful meat[4] he will pack in soft packages. The fat, the gristle, the rotten meat that cannot be eaten, he will throw into the unending fire.”

Exhorting them in many other ways, he preached the sweet message20 to the people. It was near the time Father celebrated the Mass of Christ the King and the Jewish community celebrated Yom Kipper. The great line called dusk rose in the sky as Charles Liston and Curtis sat at Folsom Lake fishing, swimming, and discussing the word of God with the people.

[1] This comes from the Ethics of The Fathers 1: 8, a tractate in the Jewish Mishnah.

[3] In Hebrew, the word for fire and one of the words for a man is Ish.

[4] In Hebrew, the word for succulent meet and the word for Gospel is Bashar.


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