Letters from Antioch, Curtis and his final encounter with Nevada’s governor

Shadows from the oaks, maples, and spruce danced on the ground as this presence arrived. Charles Liston sat on a rock not far from Curtis. The song on the radio was, “Loves Me like a Rock,” by Paul Simon. To Charles Liston this presence seemed ten feet tall, but he was small enough to walk under a branch five feet and a half high without bending. The birds sang and the rocks danced as he approached.

Home of George Schrub, Nevada Governor's mansion

In the Authoritative Version, Lee Stone related that the green leaves blazed in a fire that does not scorch. A large group of men was with this presence, our Salvador. The men with him were burley men, looking like construction workers. Salvador had rough hands that can only come from working with the earth. He looked like any other blue-collar person. Under his robe, he wore a plaid shirt belt and blue jeans. He also wore a hand engraved belt with a blue belt buckle.


Home of Curtis E. John

Georgette Schrub sat in her private office at the governor’s mansion. On her lap sat a laptop. On the screen was a report from the Dow Jones. On the right, it showed an “L” an “M” or a “C” to designate if the company was considered liberal, moderate, or conservative in its business dealings.

An article on the screen related, “Investments in Sweatshops in Indonesia are Expanding.”

Georgette told herself, “That’s good. That’s where my money is invested.”

Governor George Schrub sat nearby, and stopped praying his rosary, “The only moral rules we have to abide by are those concerning sexual activity and abortion. I am not female, am opposed to abortion, and I am happily married. See, I follow all the rules.”

The governor put his rosary down and started to read his morning paper. On the front page of the paper was an article, “Curtis E. John Blasts Governor Again.”

The radio announced to its audience:

Curtis E. John said in his homily today, “It is against church teaching, and the teaching of Jesus himself, for the governor to buy stocks in companies treating workers in the ways these companies do.”

It is your job to create value for the stockholders, and one of those stockholders is the governor.” Look at what the governor did to his own brother. Has he no shame.”

The governor ordered the chief of police, “Arrest that Curtis E. John under any charges you can think of. He is needlessly upsetting my wife. She did divorce her first husband, and my brother. She married me, the governor three days after the divorce became final.”

The governor turned to a good friend, a Senator from Reno Nevada and informed him, “I may not be a perfect Catholic. The priests frown when we walk up together for communion. At least they do not confront me. This Curtis E. John confronts me every chance he gets. It’s getting to my wife.”

Salvador read a newspaper article from the Incline Village newspaper. The top of the newspaper read, “September 15, Jewish Yom Kippur.”

The main story was, “Curtis E. John Jailed.”

Salvador told those around him, “So ironic that our message of Teshuvah would start on the feast of penance.”



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