Letters from Antioch Salvador’s temptation by the Great Accuser and the Beginning of his healing service

Salvador read a newspaper article from the Incline Village newspaper. The top of the newspaper read, “September 15, Jewish Yom Kippur.”

The main story was, “Curtis E. John Jailed.”

Sacramento Corrections

Salvador told those around him, “So ironic that our message of Teshuvah would start on the feast of penance.”

After Curtis washed the people, Salvador was washed. Salvador prayed as the sky opened and the Whittling Breath descended upon him in bodily form, like Rock Dove. As you recall, a fish swallowed Rock Dove the proclaimer of the divine truth from of old.

Rock Dove returned and converted the Omaha to the way of truth. Salvador, jumped into the river, and dove to the bottom, looking; it seemed, for some school of fish. He did this, three times.

Salvador came up, and Charles Liston saw a school of rock doves flying by. They turned and landed on Salvador. There was not a cloud in the sky, but there was a roaring rolling thunder.

Folsom Lake

Someone said, “What a strange thunder. It rolls with a strong base, yet it has gentleness to it. It seems welcoming, if thunder can be said to be that.”

A voice came from the sky, seemed to say, “”You are my beloved Son; I am well pleased with you. Here is my servant whom I set as an example for you. He is my chosen one, my beloved Son with whom I am pleased. I set my breath upon him.”

When Salvador began his public service to The Mighty Savior, he was thirty years of age. I told you earlier that Salvador was the Ciksa Wakan, the Ben Adam because the Whittling Breathe came to Bee. The power of the Great High One overshadowed her. I now give you another reason for his being the Ciksa Wakan. He can trace his ancestry all the way to the way back to the beginning of time with Adam and Eve.  We are all sons of God.

The Whittling Breath filled Salvador as he returned from the Washoe River. He quipped, “I am guided by Whittling Breath to go into the wilderness for a hanblechia.”

The Whittling Breath took him from the coast of the Folsom Lakes and carried into the interior of the Great State of Nevada. He disappeared for forty days and forty nights. The Washoe tradition of the hanblechia or vision seeking is four days. Salvador, on the other hand, was a Catholic Washoe.

Being that the Catholic tradition follows the Catholic tradition and the Catholic tradition calls for forty days, Salvador followed the Catholic tradition. This calls for one day for each year that the twelve tribes traveled in the wilderness of the Negev desert.

For Salvador and the next forty days, there was the ground, a pit he sat in, and the open sky. There was the hanhepi wi, the night sun, the crying of the wind, the whisper of the trees, the baying of dogs, the screeching of the owls and chirping of the crickets.

The Great Accuser came, “Didn’t your cousin say that the Mighty Savior could bring, children of Abraham Lincoln for the Mighty Savior from the stones in Lynn colony?[1] If you are the Wakan Ciksa, tell these stony, craggy, and flint-like people you see in front of you to become soft and pliable, like bread. If it is not for the suffering of the common folk, there can be no advanced culture, with fine food, exquisite cuisine and nice clothing and housing like all good people take for granted. Tell them to get to work.”

Salvador insisted:

In Proverbs 12: 10 it says, ‘A charitable[2] man always thinks about the welfare of animals, but even the compassion[3] of those who think themselves first[4] is hard.’[5] I may well be a descendent of Eve, and you may well have tempted Eve the day of her birth, but you forget something. I may have been born in the morning but it was not this morning.

Have you read in the Second Giving of the Law, Chapter 8, “Listen faithfully to the entire Mitzvah that I set before you today. If you do, you will live and increase in the great prairie land that I am giving you, just as I gave it to your ancestors.”[6]

Listen to what it says, you Great Accuser, ‘Remember, it was the Mighty Savior, our Almighty who led us into the wilderness.

Just as he has led me forty days and nights, he led them forty long suffering years, but he was always there leading them. Yes, there was great suffering, but face it, the Hebrews that left the land of Oppression were not ready to occupy another land and displace native people.

The people that entered the Promised Land were battle hardened and ready. I have not come to serve the good people you talk about, but these stony, craggy and flint like people as you call them. Look what it says in Proverbs 14:31, “The employer who oppresses a poor man insults his maker for his maker made him in his image.” It says the same thing in 17:5.”

Salvador also related:

In Proverbs 21:13 it says, “The man, who is deaf to the poor in their anguish, will someday feel their anguish. Remember, you were once menial servants in the land of oppression.

Also, remember, The Mighty Savior gives refresher lessons.

Pop made me go hungry these last forty days. Now I face your temptations. Tomorrow I am with Pop, forever. Today, I eat the great food of the Eucharist. Tomorrow, I join in the great feast. He did this to teach the people that man does not live off bread alone, and we should not live off the poor, but on everything that Pop has to say.

[1] G’zerah Shavah (Equivalence of expressions,) http://www.yashanet.com/studies/revstudy/hillel.htm, Curtis E. John talked of turning stones into Children of Abraham Lincoln and now the Great Accuser asked Salvador to turn stones into bread. Similarly, John the Baptist told the Separate Ones that the Mighty Judge could turn stones into followers of Abraham, then The Great Accuser told Jesus to turn the stones into bread.


[2] The Hebrew word is Tzadic.

[3] The Hebrew word is Racham, which refers to the mother’s womb.

[4] The Hebrew word is Russia, from Rosh, head, those who think themselves first.

[5] The Hebrew word is Caesar, which means to shrink as dirt in a drought, and therefore to be hard.


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