Letters from Antioch Salvador’s temptation by the Great Accuser and the Beginning of his healing service pt 2

The Great Accuser took Salvador to a satellite link and showed him all the nations on the planet in all of their greatness.

He argued, “I will give you all of this, if you will only put your face and your hands in the dirt and give me public service.”

Behold the Lamb

Salvador did not take this well, “To be a ruler is to categorize people. That is to accuse them of things and make them inferior, at least in your eyes. It is to categorize people not like yourselves as inferior and have a reason to destroy them and send the remnant away. This is true if they are Greek or Roman, Jew or Moslem, Catholic or Protestant, Native American or Crooked Knife, Anglo-Saxon or Painted Face.”

Of his purpose, Salvador related, “Pop calls me to build up humankind. This means finding Pop’s image, the blood of the Son, and the Breath of the Whittling Breath in all people. There is no room for categorizing here.”

Salvador referred to the book of Job, “I read the book of Job. Get away from me, you great informer. The writings clearly say, ‘Give your public service to The Mighty Savior, your Almighty only. You are to pledge allegiance only to him. Power is fleeting and true glory is being important to others. One is only important when he serves Pop and others.”

The Great Accuser led him to the Great City of Peace, which is Sacramento California, and made him stand on the top of the capital building.

He demanded, “If you are the Wakan Ciksa the Ben Adam, throw yourself down from this little height.”

The Great Accuser also referred to the Psalms, “We read from the Psalms[1] ‘The Mighty Savior is my moxie. Upon him, you can set your dwelling. Nothing unpleasant will happen to you. Misfortunes will not come upon your home either.”

The Great Accuser continued the quote, “He will command your messengers to guard you as you travel upon the highways and the byways of life. They will hold you by the armpits, always keeping you above the ground. This will prevent you from stumbling and tripping upon the pebbles and the stones you will find along the way.”

Salvador retorted, “You forget the beginning of that song. King David wrote that Psalm to all people, not just The Ben Adam. King David directed that Psalm at my messengers, my servants whom Pop gave me as well. You also forget that it says in the Second Giving of Torah, right after it gives the Hebrew Creed; we are not to tempt Pop, our Almighty Judge. First, you want me to eat the people, then you want me to make them serve me lest I dash my feet upon them.”

When the Great Accuser finished every temptation, he departed from him for a while. Salvador returned to Incline Village in the power of the Whittling Breath; news of him spread throughout Washoe County. He taught in their churches; all spoke well of him.


[1] Psalm 91:9-11

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