Letters from Antioch Curtis and the Pharisees of his day

Curtis E. John saw some well-dressed men whom he recognized as religious people and politicians. They came to watch the foolishness of what was going on below them as they sat on the ridge tops.

Before we meet Jesus we need to come here

Curtis informed them with a sneer on his lips, “Look at that litter of rattle snakes crawling upon their bellies down the road. You are the reason they call us little snakes. Who told you judgment time comes upon your, bellies.”

Curtis grumbled, “You well dressed proper people call yourselves cute puppies that everybody could not help but love, the chosen people, separated from the common masses of mongrel dogs. If you are cute puppies, what does that make your mother?”

Curtis quipped, “You say that you are charitable people, the most charitable people on earth. You are wise in your own eyes, but your thoughts crawl in the gutter of self-interest and greed all of your lives.”

Curtis added:

“Well did Isaiah speak of you in Isaiah 56:11: ‘The dogs have the soul of goats; they do not know when they have enough; these are shepherds that cannot understand; they all turn to their own way, each one to his gain, one and all.’ You rich people do not know when you have had enough. You claim to be shepherds, but you each travel your own way in search of your greed. You leave the people as scrub cattle, trying to survive their own way.

Goats eat this stuff until they can eat no more. Goats will eat anything. Sheep are fussy eaters and leave plenty over for the next lamb.
Goats eat the berries, the plant, the thorns and all, as a treat. Goats eat anything. Sheep are fussy eaters leaving plenty for the next lamb

Curtis asked, “Have you not read in Proverbs, ‘Rich men think themselves wise, but poor men, who take the time to build up their mental skill, find them out?’[1] Pop loves the mongrels. They know that they are humble common folk. It is not so with you.”

He marched to the corner of Folsom Lake and pointed to the stones under the water, “Do not even begin to say, ‘We are the party of Abraham Lincoln. We have, Abraham Lincoln, E. Pluribus Unum, as our spiritual father.’ I tell you, The Mighty Savior can rise up from the stones of this lake, a colony of children like Abraham Lincoln.”

Curtis chastised them, “You think you are mighty counselors,19 standing like the great trees19 of Lebanon over the shrub brush below. Look at that tree at the bank of the river. The Mighty Savior has already wrapped the chain around the trunk of the tree[2] and hooked it to the big cat. The Mighty Savior will pull up and throw into the fire every tree that does not make beautiful fruit.”

[1] Proverbs 28:18

[2] The threat is compounded when we realize that in Hebrew, Tree and counselor are the same word. “The Mighty Savior will pull and throw every tree,” can also be interpreted as “Pull up and throw every counselor.”