Letters from Antioch The last three particulars and the Thesis Statement

Salvador went down to Incline Village, a town in Washoe County, on a cold Sunday morning in early January. Inside, Salvador taught the worshippers of St. Francis of Assisi Parish. A deacon spoke for the community, ‘Isn’t his teaching astonishing? He speaks with authority.”

Courtesy of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Incline Village Nevada

Salvador continued with the fourth particular, “In church, there was a man with an angry temper, and he cried out in a loud voice, ‘What is between you and us, Salvador of Virginia City? Have you come to destroy us? I know you are the Anointed One of The Mighty Savior!’ Salvador rebuked him, “Be quiet! Come out of him!” The man fell down in front of them with a harmless groan.”

It was time for Salvador to give his homily. “Pop calls us to leave our Christian community after Mass. Mass comes from a fancy Latin word meaning departure. God calls us to serve our leaders and each other.

Courtesy of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Incline Village Nevada

Salvador related, “It is only a healthy balance within us, with the world, and with the Mighty Savior, that can bring health.”

People in the congregation asked one another, “What is there about his word? He commands angry men with authority and power, and they calm down.” The news about him spread in the surrounding regions.”

Courtesy of Re/Max of Incline Village Nevada

There is a fifth particular to report. Salvador entered the house of Charles Liston. Charles Liston’s mother-in-law had a severe fever, and the group interceded with him. He stood over her as if to intimidate the illness, as Elisha did in the first reading of Sunday’s Mass.[1] The power of the Mighty Savior is stronger than the power of physical and moral infirmity. Salvador scolded the fever, and it left her. She immediately got up and waited on them.

Christmas in Incline Village Nevada

As Salvador mingled among his Akicita, he commented, “Did you ever notice that at Christmas you give presents, not to the church, or to Christ whose birthday you celebrate, but to each other? You really celebrate, not the birth of a man who lived two thousand years ago, but the birth of the divine in the person in your neighbor. In giving presents to each other, you give presents to the Bride-of-Christ, to Christ himself.”

The sixth particular is about healing, “At sunset, all who had family, sick with various diseases, brought them to Salvador. He laid his hands on each of them and cured them. The anger came out from many as they shouted, “You are Ciksa Wakan, Ben Adam.”

He scolded them and did not allow them to speak because they knew that he was the Anointed One.”

Salvador quipped, “How sad it is. The evil spirits know whom the Anointed One is, but those who go to Mass and religious services every day do not. The spirits of unpleasantness know how insignificant they are next to the Mighty Savior, but this knowledge escapes so many who claim to know him.”

Courtesy of Re/Max Incline Village Nevada

At daybreak, Salvador left to be alone. The crowds went looking for him, and when they came to him, they tried to prevent him from leaving them.

Salvador informed them with his general statement, “You are not the only ones looking for me. They look for me in every small town and home throughout Nevada. I came, to preach by example, to show the world of love, healing, forgiveness and penance with Pop.”

[1] I Kings 17:7-24


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