Letters from Antioch Lee Stone and Salvador’s message about Maria

One of the local deacons, an angler by trade named Lee Stone asked Salvador and our group to join him for dinner. Lee Stone was a member of our group. He lived in a nice, middle class neighborhood and took pride in the large house he had purchased for his family. It had a nice patio and porch area with a huge front yard. This allowed his guests to look at his grove of shrubs and plants as they ate. It also allowed some hooker to join them.

She brought a large jar of expensive oil with her. When she arrived, she took off Salvador’s sandals. She crawled under the chair Salvador was sitting on and began to wash his feet with her tears. She was crying terribly. She also tried to mop his feet with her hair. It was a gross scene as she was crying, mopping, and kissing his feet. Every occasionally she would even pour some of the oil on his feet.

Maria Washes Salvador's feet

Lee thought to himself, as they all did, “If this man were the wise sage that he claims to be, he would know what kind of a woman this is. He would watch with whom he hangs around. He would have me be a Catholic and use my skills and training in his church? Well.”

Salvador turned to Lee and asked, “Lee, mind if I ask you something?”

Lee snickered inside, “Yes, teacher…”

Salvador asked his question, “I know a guy who had lent money to two relatives. To one relative he lent fifty bucks. To the other he lent sufficient money to buy a house, including closing costs. As it turns out, neither one could pay him back, so he wrote off both debts. Which of them will love him more? Which person is going to be more willing to do him favors in return?”

Lee responded, “I suppose the one who he lent the money to buy the house.”

Salvador took his opportunity for a teaching lesson:

Do you see this woman, or do you see an occupation

Smart man you are, Lee. As to your eyesight, do you see this woman? Her name is Marie. Do you see an occupation? I entered your home, which you acquired with your effort, your training, and your skill. Pop does not seem to have helped you much. When you were not preaching you were fishing.

Marie did not have the funds or the time to fish. Because everything you got, you got with your effort, and because everywhere you go, you go in your nice car, you saw no need for me to wash my feet or rest them in soothing oil. When you have gone with me, it has been on weekend hiking and camping expeditions. It was fun, not a bother, or a thing of suffering and pain. I spent the last several years walking everywhere. Marie spent her entire adult life on the road looking for clients.

She has not stopped washing my feet with her tears and mopping them with her hair. Her efforts at survival have been far greater than yours have. Unlike you, she sees that everything she has, she received from someone else, her clients and the government.

Unlike you, powerful man that you are, she knows that people like you; others more powerful than her can take everything that she has on a whim. Unlike you, she therefore knows suffering and saw my suffering in her suffering.

You showed me no outward sign of concern with even a handshake or a greeting, but she has been kissing my feet since we got here. You have never felt love in your life, even though Pop’s love is all around you. Pop gave you the mental resources to do well in school. The community and your family contributed with the cost of your education.

Charles Liston spent his life networking/partying, while Maria had to work.

You were able to network with friends to get the jobs to develop your skills. She had only paying friends who gave her only what the contract required. She feels love. I am telling you now Lee, Pop forgives her errors, which are many. She has loved much. You are too concerned with the work ethic. You are too concerned with living the proper lifestyle, what you have earned in your life, to love much. You feel little love, so you love little.

Salvador turned to Marie and commented, “Your errors are forgiven. Your trust in Pop’s providence has saved you. Go in peace to love and serve Our Mighty Savior.”


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