Letters from Antioch Salvador talks about farming

The full moon came and went several times. Salvador finds himself journeying from one town and village to another, preaching and proclaiming the sweet message of the rule of The Mighty Savior.

Accompanying him were the Twelve Akacita and some women who had been cured from hearing voices and other infirmities, Bee, called the Great from whom Salvador removed seven voices, Graciel, the wife of George W. Schrub’s maid Mira, Joy, and many others who provided for them.

Salvador was near the north shore of Lake Tahoe. He looked at the water and saw schools of trout, some tadpoles, along with water skaters and water boatmen in the water. Above the lake were some trees and in the trees were finches, blue jays, and a few frogs calling the geese flying overhead, letting them know where the lake was. He also noticed that the lake had quiet waves. The whole seen on the lake was one of vitality, vivaciousness, and life.

Salvador sat in the sea and talked to the people on the land

While Salvador sat in the flexible and ever changing sea, a large crowd of people sat on the inflexible, dry, dead land. Salvador noticed that some people sat on the shore, a road of sand that traversed around the lake and that neither has nor gives life. What little life is there, the migrating birds take off with and eat. Others sat on rocks that are hard and uncomfortable, and which gave no relief from the heat. Rather, they act like big mirrors, causing the people sitting on the rocks to wither from the heat.

People rushed to take these seats because they are close to the teacher and they are better than sitting on the hot sand. Still others sat in the weeds and thistles that though soft, still had thorns and were therefore very uncomfortable. People here were constantly grabbing at whatever weeds were present to make mats for themselves. As they would settle into their hand-made mats, the thistles would stick through and they would feel bound to reshuffle again.

Some people sat on the beach on some on the hot rocks

The last group had to settle with sitting far away from Salvador, but the ground was a soft field of hay. Being humble folk, they had given the better seats to others. They also came late because they were busy meditating on their daily readings. Salvador talked to the crowd about the things of the land. He hoped that from this the people would learn about life in the water, in particular the water of the Great flow of things talked about in the book of Genesis.

Some people sat in the thistles while others sat further back, in the soft grass

A gardener went to throw out his seed. In addition, as he scattered his seed, some fell on a dirt path and was crushed by the feet of man and animals that walked by. Then the birds of the sky ate it. Some fell on rocky ground, and when it started growing, it withered and died because of the dearth of water and soil. Some fell among thorns. The thorns grew with it and choked it off. Some seed fell on beautiful black loam soil, and when it grew, it produced fruit ten thousand fold.

After saying this, he told the crowd, “Whoever has ears to hear, listen.”

Salvador’s followers asked him, “What is the meaning of this story?”

Salvador answered, “Knowledge of the sacred secrets of the rule of Our Mighty Savior has been granted to you; but to the rest, they are made known through stories. This way, they may look but not see, and hear but not understand.”


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