Letters from Antioch The Midrash of the Sower continued

Salvador picked up a handful of beautiful soil, and let it fall between his fingers, “Beautiful soil is spiritual. When we are beautiful soil, we have the breath of God, beautiful air indeed, flowing through our lungs. What is this beautiful air? It is the air of compassion, kindness, and charity.”

Salvador continued, “We see with this beautiful air, beautiful soil is not and cannot be hard. If you are hard to your neighbor, if you favor long prison terms, low wages, capital punishment, if you feel that if people are poor it is because they did something to deserve it, you need to ask if you are beautiful soil.”

Parked at the edge of the field to put air into our soles

Salvador looked at a local roto-tiller as he related, “It takes real effort to plow ourselves and to care for ourselves as beautiful soil. Without constant tilling, the abuse given to us by the powerful turns us into beaten down paths, indifferent to the world. We must constantly plow ourselves, constantly breaking up the clogs as we find them in our lives.”

Salvador looked at some men in nice suits who sat in lawn chairs with the people with their homemade pillows, “When the going gets tough, the rich get going, somewhere else. They show they have no faith, no understanding of their place in the world, or their relation with Pop.”

Salvador looked at the food they brought with them, crabmeat, “They show they are like the crabs. They have a hard shell and a very soft inside. They become extremely fearful and show this fear in great shows of anger. They hear the word in a great charismatic moment. They study the word as bible quotes. There is much information, not much understanding.”

Good to eat, but not to be like it.

Salvador pointed to a local main line church, “The main line churches are little more than country clubs designed to help their members feel good about themselves. Take away their middle class life style, and they are gone. They will use their faith to defend their middle class life style, but they will never use their middle class life style to defend their faith.”

Salvador had positive things to say about the beautiful soil, “The seeds that fell on rich black loam are the ones who hear the word embrace it with a generous and beautiful heart and produce for Our Mighty Savior. They are the ones who are late to our events because they are busy acting on what we have to say.”

Salvador strolled over to an oak tree, “You are to be like this oak tree. It is hard on the inside. It has an inner strength.”

A great place for birds and other animals to live.

Birds flew in and among the branches of the oak tree as Salvador related, “This tree is a home for others. Its leaves and twigs are the fuel for their nests and food for their stomachs. Be like these.”

Salvador quoted Isaiah, “Listen to the words of Isaiah in chapter 6:9-10, as he speaks to those who live their lives on the path, among the rocks, or between the weeds. You will indeed hear, but not build up your neighbors. You will look but not understand. According to the US Census, 50 million people in America are food insufficient, including 14 million children. You show you understand these words by taking action on this plight.”


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