Letters from Antioch, Discussions about finding that ideal bull, and discussing the midrash of the great harvest

Salvador left the crowds and entered his home. His students followed, “Please give us a detailed exposition of what you mean with the story of the weeds in the field.”

Salvador answered, “The one who scatters the beautiful seed is the Ben Adam. The field is everything you see before you. It is the civilized world. The beautiful seeds are those people who build up the nation. The weeds are those who bring unpleasantness into our world, no matter how well justified their plans seem to be.”

Bird looking for that great harvest

Salvador discussed the birds in the story, “In this story, the birds represent The Great Accuser. It is in accusation that The Great Accuser spreads his poison. The harvest is the second coming. You, the members of the leadership, are the reapers. Weeds are gathered and burned with fire at the landfill. Likewise, those who bring unpleasantness into our world will face the landfill.”

He also informed his followers about the role of his messengers, his leaders, “The Ben Adam sends his messengers. You, his messengers are to gather from his nation all causes of error and all those who perpetrate it. You will throw them into the landfill where they will weep and gnash their teeth in anger. The charitable will shine like the sun in the nation of their pop. He, who has ears to listen, let them listen.”

Looking for that Herford Bull

Salvador conversed about the rancher and his cattle, “The nation of Pop is like the five great Hereford bulls which a rancher went through all of Kansas, Iowa, California, the Washoe, and Texas looking to buy for stud with his 150 cows. He wanted the perfect calves that would produce the must succulent, juicy, and tasty meat.”

He told what happened when he found the perfect bull, “When he found just one, he forgot the other four, sold everything he had but for his cows, and purchased that bull. The word of Pop is to be tasted and savored, and not swallowed whole.”

Salvador compared his word to gold in Mexico, “The nation of Pop is like gold found in a field in the black hills of Mexico. When a man finds these ingots in a private field, he covers it up, and in his joy, he sells everything that he has and buys that field.”

Trawling at sea

Salvador added, “The nation of Pop is like the great commercial trawlers that throw nets into the sea in search of tuna to put on your table. They pull in the great tuna and with it dolphins, sharks, squid, jellyfish, and all kinds of animal life, some of which is edible and some of which is not. When the fishermen get to shore, others are paid to sort out the tuna and dispose of the rest.”

Salvador finished his contrast, “So it is to be when you study the word of Pop. Search diligently, everywhere for the word of Pop. Bring it to the church where the community can sort the fresh from the rotten. When you go out searching for friends, become real friends with all that you meet. When friendship is established invite them to Mass.”

Salvador also quoted from the Church Fathers, “It is not the nature in us which is the cause of the unpleasantness, but it is the voluntary choice which causes unpleasantness. It is the principle of love and seeing a relation with The Mighty Savior that makes men charitable. It either comes from rot to strength, or returning from progress towards strength to the flood of rot.”[1]


[1] Second Book of the Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew, Book 11, Origenes Adamantius, New Advent, Web Page, 2003



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