Letters from Antioch the story of Witco, about running naked, and living with pigs

Once Salvador entered a boat with his Akicita and told them, “Let us go to the other side of the lake.” Therefore, they got into their boats, freed the masts, and set sail. While Salvador’s Akicita were pulling on ropes to steer the boats Salvador fell asleep below decks. A squall blew over the lake; they were taking in water and they were in danger.

Someone asked, “Is everybody bailing?” Lee Stone said, “No we are missing one.” Several came and shook him saying, “Professor, Professor, we are going to die!” Salvador woke up, talked sternly to the wind and the waves, and they subsided.

They went to the other side of the lake

Calm blew in as the storm went elsewhere. Salvador asked them, “Where is your understanding of the presence of the Mighty Savior? Where is your faith?” Admiration filled them. They talked amongst themselves saying, “Who then is this man. He commands even the forces of nature, winds, and sea, and they listen to him?” They sailed to the land of the Omaha, which is near Sacramento County.

As they came ashore a man from the town, a person the people called a Witco or crazy person came to greet him. He exclaimed, “What the world needs is more beer, boobs and broads. Get me some T & A and I will be fine.” He also said, “Let there be more green light on the red light…districts.”

When Salvador saw him, he ran around naked, and made all kinds of noises. Witco had marks on his feet from where the chains bound him. This is so much like the preppy proper people who are always trying to put chains on the rough people who live on the rough streets of our inner cities. These people do live like scrub cattle, always attacking those around them, fighting for the scrub grass in order to survive.

Witco yelled, “Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Let us live for today, tomorrow, with any luck, we die and this hell on earth is over.”

For a long time, he had not worn clothes, and did not live in a house, but among the mausoleums. When he saw Salvador, he cried out and fell down in front of him, with his hands outstretched and his face in the dirt.

He cried. “What are you going to do to me, Salvador, The Ben Adam sent by the Most High, the Mighty Savior? I beg you, do not torment me!”

Salvador ordered the anger in the man to come out of him. It had seized him many times. The county jail had bound him with chains and shackles as a restraint, but he would break these and run headlong out into the woods.

Salvador asked him, “What is your name?”

He replied, “Washington De Columbia. Please do not to order us spirits to depart to the abyss.”

He was called Legion in Palestine, and there was only one Legion in Palestine, the Roman Legions, the Capital of Rome was Rome.

Pigs fed on a nearby hill. The voices inside Washington De Columbia pleaded through him to Salvador to allow them to go into the pigs. Salvador allowed this. It was eerie. A gust of wind seemed to enter the pigs, which rushed down the steep bank and into the lake where they drowned. When the men guarding the pigs saw what had happened, they ran and reported the incident to the people of Tahoe City and to everyone they met in the rural areas.

When they returned, they came with a large crowd carrying heavy-duty flashlights and clubs. When they arrived, where Salvador was, they discovered the man who had been a Witco sitting at his feet. He was clothed and in his right mind. Angst seized them. Those who witnessed it told them how Salvador saved Witco.

They asked, “What have you done? What did you do to spook the pigs?”

Salvador responded:

Who is more important, your brother Washington who was dead but is now alive, or property which is here today and gone tomorrow? To get rid of your demons, you must join the living. Get rid of your own demons, your pigs, to clean your environment of people and things you do not want. To get rid of big government, you must get rid of the need for big government. You need to be more concerned for each other, the living. Big business people, to get rid of the legions of bureaucrats hounding you, you must get rid of your pigs.

Remember the reason that pork is not kosher. It is not because it is dirty or that some ancient people associated it with disease. Pigs are more human like than cattle. Because pigs are more humanlike, they are more able to share their diseases with humans. Pigs are humanoid, human like, without truly being human. You also refer to people with what you call sub-standard hygiene as pigs. They are humanoid, but to you, not truly human. In your fine dress, proper taste in the arts, and in life-styles, you work these people to death for maximum profit for yourselves.

You treat these people like animals while they are the bedrock that holds your society together. They are the carpenters, plumbers, sewage collectors, and sewer cleaners. Their hygiene seams substandard. They are the ones who get their hands dirty so that you can eat. Who are the real pigs?

The pig is the only non-kosher animal that is kosher on the outside, ‘it has cloven hoof,’ and is non-kosher on the inside. It does not chew the cud. You preppy proper people are the same. You look kosher on proper on the outside. Inside you are rotting bones with no concern for the human dignity of others. To get rid of the demon inside of the man, you must treat him like a man, a living man.

The townspeople retorted, “At least punish him for going naked all of these years. Is this not immoral? Does it not say in the Torah that God gave us loincloths to where, and that Noah’s sons sinned in seeing their father naked.”

Salvador responded:

Did you read in the twentieth chapter of Isaiah, ‘Isaiah went naked through the streets for three years?’ If going naked is immoral, a matter of sexual indecency, why did God give the prophet such a command?

Why did the religious authorities of his day not arrest the man long before three years were over? I say, going naked in public is not a sexual sin. Why did God give Isaiah such a command? Cloths really do make the man. In the old days, only the slaves went naked. It was more convenient for their masters. Naked slaves have no cloths to wash or wear out. Naked mammals are animals, not people, and animals have no rights.

The command to wear cloths is therefore a call for and to liberty and freedom, to be fully human in every way. It is not a call for sexual morality. This man ran naked through the graveyards because his ailment temporarily made him appear less than human.

This man is now healthy. He is fully human again. That is why you see him clothed and sane before you. In being naked, he has committed no crime. Therefore, I punish him for none.

To get rid of big government, you must get rid of the need for big government. Be more concerned for each other, the living. You must clothe the poorest among you, and you must clothe them in the dignity that comes with being a human being. Pop prefers that you do this without your Uncle Sam interfering. If he must interfere to get you to treat your brothers and sisters in Christ as brothers and sisters, let your uncle interfere.


They kept pigs Kosher outside, not kosher inside

Great angst seized the ranchers. The entire population of the region of Tahoe City told Salvador, “Leave!”

Salvador got into a boat and we returned to where we had started. The man from whom the voices had come out begged to remain with him. Instead, Salvador told him to return home saying, “Return home, and recount what the Mighty Savior has done for you.”

The man sauntered away and told everyone he met throughout Tahoe City what Salvador had done for him.


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