Letters from Antioch, the healing of Maria and her lesson from the roses

When Salvador returned to the other side of the lake, a crowd waiting for him welcomed him. A man named Allen Vey, a deacon at St. Bonaventure Church, came forward. He fell at the feet of Salvador and begged him to come to his humble home. He had an only daughter, about twelve years old, and she was dying.

Traveling along with Salvador, the crowds almost crushed him. A particular woman, a Catholic lady, did break through. Her name was Mira and she had open and bloody sores caused by active AIDS for twelve years.

Traveling to the other side of the lake again

She spent tens of thousands of dollars on the project of relieving the symptoms, but with no success. With every drop of blood that dripped from her sores, she could feel another drop of life leave her body. If only she could touch the magic cord, this would heal her. She did touch the cord, and she was.

Salvador asked, “Who touched me?”

While all were denying it, Lee Stone informed Salvador, “Sir, I would like to remind you that the crowds are nearly crushing you to death.”

Salvador responded, “Someone has touched me. I know that I have been touched because power has left me.”

The woman, Mira realized that Salvador found out what she did. She came forward from the vague background with fear in her eyes, trembling. She thought that stealing this healing from the Mighty Savior would bring death. She told the whole truth, hoping for leniency.

Franciscan belt with three knots

Salvador asked her, “My dear Mira, do you not live up to your name? Do you not see you were not reaching for a magic cord, but for a relation with Pop? It is your faith in Pop and your renewed relation with him, which has brought you back to life. Go in peace. Be healed of your weakness.”

Mira looked confused by this.

She asked, “What faith? I am but a poor and uneducated person who has not attended catechism since age twelve.”

Salvador exclaimed, Mira, Mira! You are far more educated than the best theologian at the university.”

“I have no degree and have no formal study since age twelve,” Mira reiterated.

Salvador interjected, “Your experience and your pain is your study. Theologians, in their offices, have not studied nearly as well as you. I now ask you to see the pain of others, and listen for the pain of others. Place your hand on them for me.”

Maria's roses

Mira tore a branch off a rose and smelled the petals that were on its end. She looked at Salvador with tears in her eyes. She then looked into the eyes of Salvador and said, “I am ignorant, I do not understand what faith is, so if I did have it, I would not know it. How can I be a faith healer if I have no faith?”

Salvador asked Mira, “May I run a test to see if you have any faith?”

Mira said, “Yes.”

Salvador asked, “What happens when you retaliate against those angry with you by calling them names?”

“They call you and your parents’ uglier names, and when you attack people, you most often get the wrong person for the wrong reason. It is far better to try and find out where they are coming from and address that.”

Salvador simply taught us, “Strong and eternal are the pure of heart; they will see Pop in everything around them. Faith is truth. Truth is being immersed in the wholeness of Pop’s creation, seeing it, hearing it, smelling it and feeling it. Most important, it is seeing and feeling Pop’s hand in every part of it, the pleasant and the unpleasant.”

Original Tzizit

Salvador looked at Mira and asked her, “Look at the rose you smell. Yes, the smell is sweet. Pop sent the rose so you can enjoy its sweet fragrance. Do stop and smell this one, and all the others. I only ask that you not tear the plant. It hurts the plant, when you tear it limbs off. See the blood as it flows from what is left of the torn limb. Touch it and heal it.”

“I do not have your healing hand,” Mira protested.

Salvador pointed out, “You do not need some magic touch. What I ask is that you look, listen, and touch. As people relate their pain, you will relate your pain to theirs. Tell people about your pain. They will see their pain in yours. Now, you can relate your healing. This is the touch they need. Daughter, your faith saved you; go in peace.”


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