Letters from Antioch a transfiguring experience

As our sister, the new moon set over the horizon, she found us marching up US 28 Street, and continued onwards up Mt. Rose Highway. When the sun was three quarters of the way through its arch, we came to a sharp bend in the Highway where Mt. Rose Highway bent around itself on Mt. Rose. We found a natural valley on the right-hand side of the road. It formed an open-air amphitheater. The creek was to our south and turned north. This was the township of Bismarck, north of the township of Incline Village.

Salvador led three of his select followers, Lee Stone, Abe Prentice, and Curtis E. Monk, in a prayer service. Lee, Abe, and Curtis sat facing west, and into the sun. Salvador stood facing north. It was time for the homily. Salvador asked, “Have you seen the transfiguration?” There was a long silent pause.

Lightning startled us as it streaked across the sky. Moses and the people of Israel seemed to stand before us. We cringed as we heard the booming voice of the thunder coming from Mount Yellowstone. With lightning flying all around, the static energy in the air felt like a thousand needles jabbing at our flesh.

Volcanos are very transforming when we experience them.

We felt it as it poured through the pores. Our nervous systems were on edge as electricity passed through them. I commented, “Now I understood what St. John meant as he talked about the wind blowing where it wills and nobody knowing from where it comes or to where it goes.”

We talked among ourselves, “The next lightning strike could have our name on it. The next wind gust could push us into the creek and certain death.”

We watched off in the distance, with the lightning and the thunder all around, and watched people as the strong wind carried them off alive, man, woman, and child, into a tornado.

It reminded us of Mt. Helens, with fire spitting out of its top, smoke, as it descended toward them, and the charged particles of the air as it enveloped the people who remained on the mountain. We watched the face of Salvador as it transformed before us and remembered seeing pictures of Moses as it did the same, during the famed Forty Days he was on Mt. Sinai.

Salvador then called to mind the blizzard of the last winter, “Remember the blizzard of last winter, and remember the power of the cold as it sent the shock of a thousand needles through us, just like the lightning of Sinai.”

Salvador related, “To someone who has felt cold, the feeling is undeniable, no proof is necessary. To someone who has not felt cold, no proof is sufficient. One cannot fight cold. There is nothing to hit. We heard on the news of some who were out in that cold; they died.”

Harry Truman of Mt. St. Helens

He also related, “We all remember Harry Truman, not just the show me president, but the man on Mt. St. Helens who would not believe what volcano’s can do until his volcano blew its top; then it was too late.” Salvador also related, “People refuse to believe that when the tide goes out far more than usual, it is a bad sign, until it is too late and the Tsunami rushes in. To those not remembering a Tsunami, no proof is sufficient. To those who do remember one, no proof is required.”

Salvador also related, “Soon after Columbus discovered America, explorers told of places where, to the north, all the trees laid, pointed east. To the south, all the trees laid pointed west. No proof was sufficient to explain this.”

He also related, “To those remembering a hurricane, no proof is required. Those planning to wait out hurricanes do not one; no proof is sufficient as to their power. It is the same for our Nevada blizzards. Try to fight the wind. There is nothing to hit. Deny its existence; join the people who died last year.

Blizzard, punch one and there is nothing to hit; deny they exist and they will kill you.

Salvador continued, “To a person who does not remember falling snow, the idea is silly, it falling to 20 plus feet, is sillier. Deny a blizzard, feel its wrath. It is the same with the Mighty Judge. There is the Father, the cold, or the lightning of Sinai. There is the wind, The Spirit, present, full of power. There is the one who descends from the Father to join us and live with us, the Son. He also is all powerful, yet soft and gentle as the new falling snow.”


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