Letters from Antioch How old are we when we cease to be children?

As Salvador and his friends hiked back to Mt. Rose Highway, Salvador informed them, “Do not tell anyone what you heard, until The Ben Adam has risen from the dead.”

Being good theologians, they started to ask good theological questions. As philosophy and seminary students do, they asked questions like, “What will rising from the dead be like?” Will we have bodies like angels, or men?” “If like men, how old?” St. Bonaventure would have been proud.

Discussing the trumpeting angels or the real matters of things God calls us to do on earth?

They asked Salvador, “Why do the fundamentalists say that the trumpeting angels must come first?”

Salvador answered them, “The trumpeting angel comes to purify all.”

Lee Stone asked, “How is it written that The Ben Adam must suffer and be treated with contempt?”

Salvador answered, “I tell you, the trumpeting angel did come. They did to him as they pleased, as predicted.”

Salvador’s students realized he was talking about Curtis.

The next day, when they came back into town from the local creek, a large crowd met him.

There was a man in the crowd who cried out, “Teacher, I beg you, look at my son; he is my only child. Epilepsy seizes him, he suddenly screams and convulses until he foams at the mouth. It eventually goes away for a while, but only with difficulty. In the mean time, it wears him out. I begged your students to cure him. They could not.”

Salvador responded, “O fickle and obstinate generation, how long will I be with you and endure you? Bring your son here.”

Learning about seizures and how they relate to our call here on earth.

As he was coming forward, he had a grand mal seizure, which threw him to the ground in a convulsion. Salvador admonished the seizure, healed the boy, and returned him to his father. The majesty of The Mighty Savior astonished all.

While they were all amazed at his every deed, he said to his students, “Pay attention to what I am telling you. Our elders will hand The Ciksa Wicasa, the Ben Adam over to men.”

The Mighty Judge hid the meaning of this saying from them and they were afraid to ask him about it.

Salvador’s students asked him, “Who is the greatest in the reign of your pop?”

Salvador reclined in his Lazy Boy recliner and asked the twelve men of his inner circle, “Please sit on floor and listen to what I need to tell you.

Salvador started to chew on a straw for the juice he was drinking and explained, “I can tell you honestly, that unless you turn your lives around and become like munchkins,[1] servants, and children, you will never enter into the great flow of things. Whoever receives such a munchkin in my name receives me. Whoever receives me, receives not me, but the one who sent me.”

Notice how they are child size working mature adults. So, how old do we have to be to be adults.

Lee Stone asked, “How old is a munchkin when he ceases to be a munchkin?”

Salvador answered, “Lee Stone, have you seen the movie, the Wizard of Oz? Did you notice the munchkins? They were adults dressed in ethnic costume. They may have been little people, but they were adults. Likewise, Pop calls you to be little people. You are to receive the little people as your masters, and to treat them with respect. After all, you are little people in the eyes of The Mighty Savior.”

Then he discussed redwoods. “Learn something from the redwoods. There are redwood saplings that were but blades in the ground, when your great-grandfather was born. They will be but preschool age when your great grandchildren die of old age. In the eyes of The Mighty Savior, they are but blades of grass, here today and gone tomorrow. You are munchkins in the eyes of The Mighty Savior, very little munchkins.”

Salvador also conversed about our role as leaders, “Remember, you are to be leaders and teachers. If you cause one of your charges, whether they be children, or adults to lose faith in Pop’s providence, it will be better for you if you were given cement overshoes and sent swimming over at the lake.”

It was a sapling when the apostles were around, and it will outlive our grandchildren. When we live as long as it has lived already, we will be adults.

Salvador added, “It is with great sorrow that many scandalous things come into this world. Much of this suffering seems necessary. I feel even sorrier for the person that causes these things to happen. You are to be the leaders of the munchkins. Pop calls you to lead by example. The munchkins see what you do. They do not expect you to be perfect. Only Pop is that. Learn a lesson from Torah. Torah lists the errors of Torah leadership in graphic detail. They admit their mistakes and move to correct them.”

[1] The key word in the Greek original text is Pais, for child, which can also mean servant or slave according to  the Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon. The Hebrew word, Ben can mean a son. It can also mean to build or product of building according to Jastrow’s Hebrew-English Lexicon.


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