As long has Pope Pious stands by our Agnus Dei our faith will not change part 2

We look at the mural at our Cathedral in Reno Nevada. At the head of the mural is the Omer, the Word, the Lamb of God, atop the four rivers of life. To his left is John the Baptist, whose father preached that God saved us for service to God. To the right is Our Blessed Pope Pius X and a working couple who epitomize what the Catholic church used to stand for, and can stand for again. Pope Pius X preaches against the Modernism of the modern conservative movement.

They wrote, “Christian Doctrine was originally Judaic. Through successive evolutions, it became first Pauline, then Joannine, finally Hellenic and universal.” We teach Torah and Gospel are the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Torah is Jewish and Jesus is Jewish. We teach how Marcion’s teachings are heresy. Pope Pius X wrote:

The field of Catholic Action is extremely vast. It does not exclude anything, in any manner, direct or indirect, which pertains to the divine mission of the Church. It is necessary for everyone to cooperate, not only for the sanctification of his own soul, but also for the extension and increase of the Kingdom of God in individuals, families, and society. Each one works according to his energy for the good of his neighbor by the propagation of revealed truth, by the exercise of Christian virtues, and by the exercise of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

We seek to restore Jesus Christ to the family, the school, and society by re-establishing, human authority represents the authority of God. We take to heart the interests of the people, especially the working and agricultural classes, not only by inculcating in the hearts of everybody a religious spirit. We endeavor to dry tears, alleviate sufferings, and improve the economic condition of the marginalized by wise measures. We strive to make public laws conformable to justice and amend or suppress those, which are not.

All these works, sustained and promoted chiefly by lay Catholics whose form varies according to the needs of each country; constitute what is known by a distinctive and surely a very noble name: “Catholic Action.”

For Catholic Action to be most effective, it must also employ all those practical means, which the findings of social and economic studies place in its hands. It must be vitally aware of the conditions of civil society, and the public life of states. This places a duty on all Catholics to prepare prudently and seriously for political life. It is of the utmost importance we extend the same activity to a suitable preparation and organization for political life.

Our Blessed Pope also instructed, Catholic Action must be under the direction of the local Bishop. The United States has 225 Catholic colleges and Universities and 26 law schools. They graduate 70,000 students each year. Our Blessed Pope tells us that through Catholic Action we need to organize and direct the training of future leaders so we have leaders who will support all of Catholic Teaching, including pro-life and Catholic Action. Our bishops very much do have a role in finding and developing future leaders, helping them find the financing to run for public office, and recommending them to the masses. That is the legacy of the man in the mural.

This is part 2 of a series. Please click here for part 1


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