Answering Tough Questions & Mr. Holland’s Opus relate to our trying times part 3

There is no one who does not wish to have peace. Those who make war desire nothing but victory desire, to attain to peace with glory. What else is victory than the conquest of those who resist us? When this is done there is peace. With the desire for peace wars are waged. Peace is the end sought for by war. Every man seeks peace by waging war, but no man seeks war by making peace. They who intentionally interrupt the peace only wish it changed into a peace that suits them better. They do not wish to have no peace, but only one more to their mind.

When men separate themselves from the community, they do not effect what they wish, unless they maintain some kind of peace with their fellow-conspirators. Robbers take care to maintain peace with their comrades, that they may with greater effect and greater safety invade the peace of other men…

He makes it his aim to be at peace with his wife and children; their obedience to his look is a source of pleasure to him. If this is not rendered, he chides and punishes; to secure the calm peace of his home. Peace cannot be maintained unless all the members of the domestic circle be subject to one head, such as he himself. If a city or nation submit itself to him, to serve him in the same style as he had made his household serve him, he would no longer lurk in a brigand’s hiding-places, but lift his head as a king. St. Augustine City of God Book 19 Chapter 12

In the Answering Tough Questions debate of 7 November, the affirmative made some points.

“Our basic understanding of right and wrong is what re-orients us in a time of crisis, when the world is surreal and the rules do not seem to apply. Our post election buzz points to a coming crisis in America, a surreal world, where the rules to not seem to apply. Our basic understanding of right and wrong must be simple, allowing no exceptions.”

To define faithful discipleship, we must define the role of government. “All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men.”

Deuteronomy 30 relates, “This Mitzvah, I give you today is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart… Choose life!” All life is life in potentiality. We increase life or we decrease it.” Life as potentiality, as lived in the image of God is our definition of life

Catholics believe in the Physical Presence, rescuing us, as a community, for the first time, each time, we celebrate the Mass. Jesus’ Last Supper was Pasach and was pregnant with all the customs and meanings going with it. Deuteronomy 5 begins as an address to the nation. God rescues those who struggle with God, as a nation. He calls us to love him, as a nation. Our heritage means remembering our oppression, in 19th century Europe, as nation, and our working in the sweatshops of the early 20th century, as a nation.

Our post election buzz includes the financial cliff about to engulf our nation at the first of the year. Both sides want peace, on their terms. Neither side looks to the basic principles of right and wrong or asks the questions, “What is the purpose of government?” “Who are we as Americans?” These basic answers would tell us what to fund. Then we could tax ourselves to pay for these expenses.

The affirmative in the November 7 debate related, “The Greek word for a house is “Oikos,” from which we derive, ‘Economy.’ ‘Baal’ is the Hebrew word for the head of the house. Throughout history, the name has changed; the identity has not. Baal’s alternative names include Hermes, Mercury/god of merchants and thieves, ‘The Market,’ and, as a recent candidate stated:

The invisible hand of the market always moves faster and better than the heavy hand of government.’

Adam Smith wrote, ‘He is led by an invisible hand …’ This speaking of ‘led,’ leadership is ‘Thought,’ by something greater than oneself, another head of the household.

The conservative focus as is worship of this invisible hand. They also support Ares, in Latin, Mars, god of war. The US spends $739 Billion in Defense each year. The rest of the top nine countries, combined, spend $89.9 Billion. The conservatives worship this invisible hand and Mars in the name of Christianity. If you do not worship the invisible hand and Mars, you cannot be a good Christian.

This put off the liberals, those not believing in Baal or Mars. They want a separation of church and state, as the church is presented by the conservatives. They do not see their foundation as promoting life lived in the image of God, and are out of balance. Neither side is able to look to their basic understanding of right and wrong, or the foundation upon which we built our nation to guide us in the budget process.

Can we right ourselves in time to avoid the fiscal cliff? As the affirmative related about the next election, in two years:

We have 250 Catholic colleges and universities and 26 law schools, combined, graduating 70,000 students each year. We cannot find one to run for public office? Are our universities failing that badly? Lawyers are present who complain they cannot find true pro-life candidates. If you cannot find the solution in the world, the solution is in the mirror. You are the solution you are looking for. God demands, “Get busy!” Should a true pro-life candidate run, voting for them is Catholic Action/faithful discipleship.


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