Pope Francis Family Speech Philadelphia Festival of Families

Many will want to state this was a political speech supporting the nuclear family. Politics is not in this speech. This speech opposes politics. Of all his speeches in American, this was his most animate.

Suburban sceneBeauty, goodness, and truth. Once a child asked the pope what God was doing before he created the world. The answer, “Before creating the world God loved, because God is love.” God is perichoresis, the divine dance of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God cannot be egoistic because love is always about the other; that is why he created the world. We are destroying it. The most beautiful thing God created was women and with it family. He gave them everything, to guard it and to keep it, and to love. God gives and shares family to be family, to give and share. All the good/love/perichoresis he has in himself, he gives to us so we can love.

Through the devil, we learn how to divide ourselves. This was far and away the Pope’s move animate speech. The devil is about division. Politics in our country is about division. God is about love, and love does not allow room for division. This concept was central to all of our Pope’s speeches. We must decide what we want to take forward, he told us, love or division.

flamesSo great is God’s love that he walks with us, with all of our faults, finally expressing himself through the divine family, Our Blessed Virgin, St Joseph the worker, and Jesus, in a family. Neither Our Blessed Virgin nor St. Joseph understand what is going on in the nativity, but they accept. God calls us to accept the extended family that includes church and society in general.

We are about helping our families, nuclear and extended, including church and society in general to grow. Families have citizenship, divine citizenship. God gives the citizenship card, the one making us human. This is all about truth, goodness, and beauty. Our Blessed Pope also talked about our imperfections, giving a very animate expression as he wiped his head explaining how “Plates fly,” literally causing headaches. Children also cause headaches. On the other hand, the family is the factory of hope. Families, nuclear and extended, church and society in general is about creating hope. Our Pope tells us love overcomes difficulties. Hate and division of heart cannot overcome difficulties. Only love can do this. Love is joy and moving forward. We must place special emphasis upon children/future, strength, moving us forward. Grandparents are our heritage, transmitting the faith to us. This transmission is love. The family is useful, but there are problems, and inimical relations. His advice: never let the day end without making peace/Shalom. Never let the day end without being in peace. With this came the final blessing.

There was no politics here. This was not about how to pass laws from the top down. This was about building a new world from the bottom up.

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