The Fourth Sunday of Advent and our last election.

Jess theses statement in LukePaul, servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel/Bashar of God, which he promised previously through his prophets in the holy Scriptures, the gospel about his Son, descended from David according to the flesh/Bashar, but established as Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness/dedication/Kiddush through resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord through whom we have received the kindness of being sent out to bring about the hearing of faith, for the sake of his name, among all the Gentiles, among whom are you also, who are called to belong to Jesus Christ; to all the beloved of God in Rome, called to be holy/Kiddush.

In the original Greek, the above is the first sentence in Romans. The paragraph ends, “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Master Jesus Messiah.” We also miss the pun St. Paul almost certainly meant as he wrote, “Set apart for the Gospel/Bashar,” and “Descended from David according to the flesh/Bashar.” The Greeks, in particular, Plato, spoke of the forms, which hold the world together. The Jewish community referred to Torah as one of these forms. When St. Paul speaks of Gospel, he also speaks of the new form, the Bashar, which is Jesus Christ, who comes in the flesh, Bashar. Holiness, Kiddush, also appears

The sign from heaven is not up there, but down here.“This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about. When his mother Mary was Kiddush to Joseph, but before they lived together/bonded as Nassau, she was found with child through the Holy Spirit. Joseph her husband, since he was a Tzaddic, yet unwilling to expose her to shame, decided to divorce her quietly.”

One only divorces someone to whom they are married. In Jewish tradition, a bride in Kiddush marriage was married in every way to her husband. The handiwork of the bride is for her spouse. The bride must perform those household duties normally carried out for her family and her home. She did the laundry of her Fiancé, cooked his meals, cleaned his home, and nursed any of his children. Any income she earned belonged to her Fiancé. Any items she found belonged to him, as did any income from interest. His obligation to her was to provide her Mezonot food and support, Lavash, suitable clothes, including household items, bed linen and a dwelling place, which is not to be his home. He must also pay for Refu’ah, medical expenses, should the bride become ill.

The purpose of this was to promote what Catholic tradition calls S.P.I.C.E. or Spiritually sharing of life between bride and groom through praying together and meditation. It included Physical closeness with plenty of hugs, kisses, holding hands, snuggling, and such. It also included Intellectual stimulations, the need to bounce ideas off one another. It included the need to be Communicative/Creative, and to Express feelings, desires, and joke together. Marriage must be bound together with these forces, and not with sexual attraction. The later lasts only a short while. The former lasts a lifetime. When the couple is not able to build their lives on sexual attraction, as they live apart, what remains is the former. They live and work close together. She does his laundry, his cooking, cleans his home, and cares for anyone else living in his house. He proves the materials to do so.

Our Blessed Virgin with Jesus, the Chai Rho at her side.
Mary is our Beloved Mother and our Church is the Bride of Christ.

In Jewish tradition, and in ours, this way of looking at the world has cosmic implications. Israel is the bride of God, and the Church is the Bride of Christ. As with the first-century Jewish groom who would often go off to prepare a separate new home for his bride, Jesus Goes off to prepare a new place for his bride in John’s Gospel.

This is a long way from our society where we knowing elect bullies and philanderers to the highest office in the land.  Where the bullied of the world face lawsuits and imprisonment if they resist the abuse. Our nation just told the world that bullying in the workplace, and in the home, is perfectly normal and acceptable behavior.

Ahaz tells Isaiah, “I will not ask! I will not tempt the Kyrie!” Can we say the same?

St. Paul greets his followers with, “Kindness to you and peace/Shalom. Shalom means tranquility that comes from living together and loving each other. This is a long way from knowingly electing people to the highest office in the land who brag about using nuclear weapons to steal the rock oil from under the dirt of other people’s feet.  Yet, this is what we have done, and we have done it in the name of pro-life. Now is the time to sit in sackcloth and ashes. Now is the time to ask ourselves, “What have we done?” Now that the abused of the world know that the American people say that bullying, violence, and death in the name of pro-life are OK, what will they do? Will they roll over and die for our bullies, or will they stand up and fight? I am sure some will do both. We now need to prepare ourselves for the consequences of our actions. We have shown we are not worthy of calling ourselves the Bride of Christ. We are not worthy of the harmony that comes with a well cared for home. We are worthy of the chaos we are going to get.


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