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Letters from Antioch, Salvador’s dream for Echumenism and brotherhood

Curtis barged into Salvador’s discussion about redwoods and shouted, “Salvador, we saw some clown out there, and he was actually preaching and healing in your name. Boy we really got on his case.” He did this fully expecting an atta boy. That is not what he received. What Salvador instead told him was, “Have you … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch How old are we when we cease to be children?

As Salvador and his friends hiked back to Mt. Rose Highway, Salvador informed them, “Do not tell anyone what you heard, until The Ben Adam has risen from the dead.” Being good theologians, they started to ask good theological questions. As philosophy and seminary students do, they asked questions like, “What will rising from the … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch Salvador feeds 5,000

When the line in the sky-separating day from night first appeared, the Twelve Salvador sent out came to him and said, “Tell the crowd to go home so that they can go to surrounding towns and farms and find lodging and food. We are in such an isolated place.” Salvador simply ordered, “The course of … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch Healing Allen Vey’s daughter

While Salvador was speaking, someone from St. Francis of Assisi Parish arrived and informed Allen Vey, “Your daughter is dead; Salvador, your services are no longer needed.” On hearing this, Salvador responded, “Do not be afraid; just have faith and she will be saved.” When he arrived at the house, he allowed no one to … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch, the healing of Maria and her lesson from the roses

When Salvador returned to the other side of the lake, a crowd waiting for him welcomed him. A man named Allen Vey, a deacon at St. Bonaventure Church, came forward. He fell at the feet of Salvador and begged him to come to his humble home. He had an only daughter, about twelve years old, … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch the story of Witco, about running naked, and living with pigs

Once Salvador entered a boat with his Akicita and told them, “Let us go to the other side of the lake.” Therefore, they got into their boats, freed the masts, and set sail. While Salvador’s Akicita were pulling on ropes to steer the boats Salvador fell asleep below decks. A squall blew over the lake; … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch, Discussions about finding that ideal bull, and discussing the midrash of the great harvest

Salvador left the crowds and entered his home. His students followed, “Please give us a detailed exposition of what you mean with the story of the weeds in the field.” Salvador answered, “The one who scatters the beautiful seed is the Ben Adam. The field is everything you see before you. It is the civilized … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch The Midrash of the Sower continued

Salvador picked up a handful of beautiful soil, and let it fall between his fingers, “Beautiful soil is spiritual. When we are beautiful soil, we have the breath of God, beautiful air indeed, flowing through our lungs. What is this beautiful air? It is the air of compassion, kindness, and charity.” Salvador continued, “We see … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch Salvador discusses his Midrash of the seeds

Salvador interpreted his Midrash, “In this story about seeds, Pop is the farmer. The seed is his word. The first group hears the stories at the level of a story. Everything the Good Book tells you and everything I tell you is about the present.” Salvador discussed the seed on the rocky ground, “The fundamentalist … Continue reading

Letters from Antioch Salvador talks about farming

The full moon came and went several times. Salvador finds himself journeying from one town and village to another, preaching and proclaiming the sweet message of the rule of The Mighty Savior. Accompanying him were the Twelve Akacita and some women who had been cured from hearing voices and other infirmities, Bee, called the Great … Continue reading


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