Catholic Speaker

Charles W. Gill O.S.F.

Mr. Charles Gill is a passionate speaker and author who wrote the book, “STARTING OVER: This is the beginning of the sweet message, but what is the beginning. Charles brings fresh and insightful looks into the Gospels, which come from reading Torah and Gospel in light of Judaic Studies, and reading in light of Hebrew and Greek. He has completed the academic portion of his M. Divinity degree from Loyola University with a 3.529 GPA, and has extensive study from Kent State University with a 3.0 GPA. He is a college graduate from Kent State with a degree in Philosophy and a 3.01 GPA.

Leading a hard life has taught him how God’s love helps him to overcome even the greatest of obstacles. His Judaic Studies showed him how to take even the most negative aspects of ourselves and turn them into positives. His knowledge of the faith and his ability to teach has allowed him to encourage others to strive for how God calls each person to the universal priesthood of the faithful. Charles is an active member of his Catholic parish, St. Thomas Cathedral in Reno Nevada.

Charles Gill would be open to discuss how to apply the four pillars of the Catholic Faith, Torah and Gospel, to catechesis and diocesan development. He is also open to discussing ecclesiastical development over the centuries, and today. His training also includes how the sacraments and Catholic ethics developed over the centuries and how to apply them today.

Charles and his wife Linda currently reside in Reno Nevada with their miniature Aussie, Joey.