Molly writes about Beth Erev

There is a new writer in Reno. This new writer, a Molly Maguire McGill manages to mix an interesting mash of Romance, religion, nostalgia, and politics. In her novel, “A Sappy Piece of Crap,” of all titles, she points to the poverty and despair, which grips a sizable percentage of our population, and shows how all it takes is one person who cares to change a world.

Molly Maguire posits a Beth Erev, a homeless girl who has suffered throughout her life. As a second grader she had been forced to compete with a schoolmate to find out who was the dumbest in class. She developed a crush on the boy she had to compete with. He went into boxing and pretended never to notice she was around. She won the title, dumbest in class. In the same year, she was the only child not to receive a valentine.

Molly never went to her Junior or Senior prom or even her graduation because she did not have a date or the money for a dress to dress up for the affairs. Later in life she found herself a drift less wanderer, traveling as a migrant laborer to the deep south and then back north to her home in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. In her travels, she meets an enigmatic Mt. Black who teaches her the survival skills of the Lenape Indians. It is here that she learns to make fine furniture and clothing using only the materials available from the land. That includes tree sap, tree bark, flax, and the fat from local road kill. She is sappy, not because she cries allot, but because she works with tree sap. People call her a piece of crap because she is homeless.

Inside lies a great treasure. It only takes the kindness of a local farmer, a Don Boker, with several of his friends to find the treasure inside to convert her into a very beautiful diamond. First, Don, just being a nice farmer, allows her to live on an abandoned section of his farm. Then he friends Cal and Bo start working as matchmakers trying to get Beth and Don together. What follows is a comedy of errors. They go to a baseball game. Don’s past girlfriend dumped him at a baseball game. During a typical Pennsylvania thunderstorm, Beth will run into a conservative and have a major argument. This will spill over into the perception that Beth come to believe she is the group’s pet, not a person in her own right. Only skillful negotiation on the part of Don, Bo, and Cal will save the day.

Bo and Cal will also try to take Don and Beth to meet friends in New York. They have a plan to create a theme park on Don’s farm, using Beth’s Lenape skills as the theme for the park. Neither Don, nor Beth are interested in the idea. They see in the plan their becoming man and wife. Don is only interested in farming, not looking for a mate. Beth does not want to be hurt again. It takes the skilled negotiation of Romero and Rose Grant, the friends from New York, to point out to Don and Beth that they are in fact meant for each other.

To find out what happens, you will want to read this well written novel. You can find it at, as one of their Kindle Books.